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One United Nation is all about
building a strong and unified latter-
day nation of Israel through capacity-
building, community development
and organisation, and cross-camp
​networking and collaboration.

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Awaken, O Israel,
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AwakenOIsrael.org is owned and operated by The Israelite Foundation, which serves as the central communication hub for Awaken O Israel and its sister arms.

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A website designed to help bring the children of Israel
to a full understanding of their identity, history
and destiny, and of their responsibilities to
The Most High in covenant with Him.

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Royal Heritage is dedicated to
facilitating fellowship and cultural
 awareness among the children of
Israel through the celebration of our
unique culture as The Most High's
chosen and holy people.

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​Many Christians today—and people in the Christian West in general—have become disillusioned by a church which is rife with sin and hypocrisy.​ This state of affairs did not come about by happenstance, but rather as a result of the deception of the Enemy, and the resulting misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the Word of God to His people. In the face of such disillusion and confusion, this website is dedicated to presenting a clear picture of God's Word to those of His people who wish to serve Him in Spirit and in Truth.


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There are a few core tenets which govern the production of content and materials displayed on this website, and which should also govern its use and interpretation, include the following:

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We've compiled a collection
​of answers to some of the
most pressing questions asked by bible-believing
Israelites, including common questions posed by Christians, members of camps, and those new to the faith.

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